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The Most Nature's Voilent Storms

One of the most frequently occurring weather events, tornadoes have struck southern, mid-western and plains states with fury this spring and summer.

Photo Credit: NOAA Photo Library
As we’ve nervously watched weather reports, listened for tornado watches and warnings, and headed to our basements or cellars when necessary, we’ve begun to realize just how vicious these storms can be.
Referred to by experts as nature’s most violent and devastating storms, tornadoes can cause fatalities and devastate neighborhoods in seconds, says the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
Along with that kind of risk for damage and injury comes higher home insurance rates in tornado-prone areas.
Consider these facts, courtesy of FEMA:
Tornadoes may strike quickly, with little or no warning.
They’re most frequently reported east of the Rocky Mountains during the spring and summer months.
Though they may occur at any time of day, tornadoes are most likely to occur between 3 and 9 p.m.
They usually move forward at an average speed of 30 mph, but they may also remain stationary or move up to 70 mph.
A southwest to northeast movement is most common, but they have been known to move in any direction.
Peak tornado season is March through May in southern states and late spring through early summer in the north.
As an Oklahoma native growing up in a region of the country known as ‘tornado alley,’ I will never take the power of tornadoes for granted.
In fact, having lived through more tornado sightings than I can count on both hands, I can personally testify to the fear and panic that sets in when you hear that ‘train’ pass overhead—or see it tear a path through the middle of a neighborhood, taking inanimate objects, homes, pets and people right along with it.
Those are nightmares best left to your dreams…unless, of course, you’re a weather watcher!
Because of tornadoes’ destructive nature and the possibility of injury and harm they carry, we recommend you keep your eyes on the skies this summer. Meanwhile, check out Jeb’s article, “5 Fascinating Facts about Tornadoes.” Should you ever face a life-threatening tornado in the future, you might just learn something from the past that will help you survive.
And please; if tornadoes threaten your home or safety, don’t try to ride out the storm. Take those dark skies and high winds seriously, and take cover!

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