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Top 10 ways to lower your auto-insurance

In the tough economy, people want to save money in any way that they can. One of expensive expense in the life, is the insurance include the life insurance, health insurance, home insurance and auto insurance. In those insurances, the home and auto-insurance is one that people need to pay all of the fees by themselves, unlike the life or health insurance that employers may help to pay part of the fees. Here have ten ways to help you to lower your auto-insurance.1. Raise your deductibles, the more deductibles you have, the less premiums you going to pay. However, when you raise the deductible, then you need to be driver safer.2. Compare quotes from different insurers, because each insurance company may have different rate of the auto-insurance customers.3. Drive fewer miles, the less you drive, then less risk of collision and the less you file vehicle insurance claim.4. Maintain good credit, if your credit score is lower, then you may view as the high-risk customers and need to pay the high-rate insurance5. Stay a safe driver, mean to lower the risks of collision, then you need to avoid lane hogging, be aware of the conditions, don’t tailgate, prepare you journey, and stay clam.6. Keep a clean driving record7. Combine your auto and home insurance, you may get more discount on your rate if you use the same insurance company to insure your home and car.8. Pick the right coverages, the more coverage you pick, the more premiums that you going to pay, but if you get the less coverage, and then you are taking the risk to pay more money out of your package if you have a claim or at-fault in a collision.9. Choose your car carefully, because the model of car that you drive would affect you premiums10. Take advantage of discounts, because discount can help you to lower your premiums
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