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Five Important Points for Cheaper Car Insurance

Improve your security – by fitting an alarm, immobiliser or tracker you reduce the likelihood of your car being stolen. As this lowers risk for the insurance companies they should be able to reward you with a lower premium. Before you install any security contact your current insurer to see how much of a saving you could make. And of course always make sure the security you use is approved by your insurer.

Limit your mileage – one of the factors that helps determine your car insurance quote is how much you drive. If you can limit your mileage you can lower the cost of your motor insurance. Always make such to leave yourself some extra miles in the bank. If you go over the limit you could face penalty charges.

Pay Annually – most car insurance companies will charge a fee (in the form of interest) if you want to pay you premiums monthly. The cost can add up to 29% on to a typical policy. If you can pay for your insurance up front then do so as it is much cheaper option. If you can’t afford this consider taking out a credit card that offers an interest free intro period.

Hold back on the mods – any modifications you make to your car such as lowering, adding a spoiler, new wheels or even a colour change are likely to see you motor insurance costs increase significantly. Try to limit the number of mods you add and check with your insurer before hand to see what the impact on your insurance will be. You must inform your insurer of any modifications you make otherwise your policy will be invalid if you make a claim.

Drive sensibly – sounds simple and that’s because it is. Having speeding tickets and other traffic offences against your name can make your car insurance much more expensive. Drive with care, build up your no claims bonus and the savings will soon follow.
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