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Learn More About Health Insurance - History

Health Insurance - Insurance practices, broadly, has a long history associated contracts and procedures designed to protect people from loss of property. Guarantees on loans and insurance based property attention in the distribution of goods through the shipping in ancient times is the insurance model that emerged thousands of years ago, before the year AD. And in the life insurance also has a long and distinctive history that reflect the human consciousness of his own death. In the case of health insurance also has a growing history, which was originally the standard of service indicated in the form of the exchange fee.

Beginning in Mesopotamia, under the guidance of the Code of Hammurabi, is defined that a successful health care, which is characterized by operation with a knife, get paid appropriately. That is, when the patients come from the top, then the operating cost increases to be paid in accordance with its economic capabilities. However, if the operation fails, then the physician or surgeon in charge will pay a fee to the patient. In other words compensation and liability is a form of health insurance at the beginning of human civilization.

But the agreement in the health insurance is really a vital issue and controversial in the early 20's, where health services performed in institutions and the more advanced packaging, and cost of services continues to increase. And what could be touted as a private health insurance plans first became available in the United States during the civil war going on there. Health insurance plan is an insurance that protects the individual from any accidents caused by trains and the like. Health insurance companies are Massachusetts Health Insurance of Boston, which offers insurance policies that offer benefits in 1847. The success of the health insurance plan is so successful, so that the service develops in the form of programs that are more diverse, like health insurance and disability due to illness.

Although the health insurance business in a modern first appeared in the United States, but the term used at the time the insurance company is an insurance for illness or sickness insurance. English is the first officially used the term "health insurance ". It is contained in the official rules of the UK, the National Insurance Act, in 1911, and later the term was widely known.

Unfortunately, in the period of the 1920s, most people still feel that health insurance is not important. But in early 1930, a group of teachers who teach in the city of Dallas took the initiative to cooperate with a number of hospitals there to provide both health insurance plan for its residents. In collaboration, they together determine the type of disease and duration of hospitalization will be borne by the level of health insurance premiums paid in advance by the owner. Hospital services are paid in advance is very helpful people there with the cost of their treatment, especially when the depression that hit the United States economic in the 1930's. Health insurance model is then recommended by the American Hospital Association to adopt another hospital outside Dallas. And then this model also grew to countries outside the U.S., through a variety of health insurance companies.
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